Paula's Gedichten


Feelings can be beautifull, feelings can take you to heaven, feelings can be hard, feelings can make you fly.
Feelings can be hurt, feelings make you wonder feelings can make you smile, feelings can make you cry.
Feelings from your heart, is a kind of feeling you have listen to it, feelings of youre heart can make you happy, but can makes you also sad.
Dont confused youre feelings with youre mind, because youre feelings from youre heart.
they are never lie, feelings of you're mind can betrade you from the heart.
But why can make feelings you to be confused why can make feelings you insecure, why????????
Feelings who you sharing with some one else, on distance far away is a kind of feeling.
it makes you feel so closed.
It can make you happy, it can make you upsad it makes you confusing, but also feeling sad.
When you have that feeling you wanna so be closed, and shared that feeling for both
Feeling of love is a wonderfull feeling but also makes you insecure.
This feeling you wanted to tell it everyday it makes you happy but sometimes it flyes away.
Feeling so deeply, is hurting to,feeling of love for me and you.
My deepist feeling, I can tell is overwelmt and feel verry verry well.
 I hope to share this feelingsa in my dreams and one day so I can be with you and stay
Can share my feelings with you everyday , not for from the distance but closed I feel it this way.

Geschreven door Paula Waterbeek @copyright


What are words, words are letters to say something to you.
Words can bring youre different feelings who given to you.
Words a complicated language, sometimes you cant understand them, somtimes you.
wanna fight them, sometimes you will keep it in youre heart, but words can bring you also lies.
Words who can confusing you, words that bring reslessness in your're mind.
Words who can bring you're sweet things and happiness, words who can bring youre love.
Words who can bring you excitement, but also a lot of pain its amazing what words can do.
Butal these words are true?????words from someone, who is bringing to you.
I now words who is comming from you're heart its confusing and overwelmd, but also derectly that you understand.
Words can be hard and frightend too, thats why I be carefull now, I really do.
Words who bring you fear, love an joy are words who makes you confused and insecure

Geschreven door Paula Waterbeek @copyright